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Dashing Diva is a privately-held company, headquartered in Port Washington, NY. The company has a rich heritage stemming from our CEO, John Chang who owns the world’s largest manufacturing plant for artificial nails, JCI and the largest distributor of artificial nails, KMC Exim. Mr. Chang, a savvy entrepreneur also co-founded the highly successful Kiss Products, Inc. in 1989.

Dashing Diva - re-inventing the nail salon experience – opened its first door in October, 2003 in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village to much critical acclaim. Now, there are 30 stores on 3 continents in the following countries: United States, Japan, Philippines, China and Kuwait.

Never before has anyone offered quick service beauty treatments in an environment that was not only beautiful but fun and relaxing to be in as well. Everyone noticed how clean and sanitary the stores were compared to other salons. Dashing Diva took the concept of your typical neighbor nail salon, brought it to a new level and ultimately, turned it into a destination.

The “acclaim” did not come from only the media and industry professionals but most importantly, it was the customers who recognized such details as:
sterilization of all metal implements that come in contact with the clients
branded nail lacquers and treatments that make manicures and pedicures last
high high-quality signature lotions, scrubs, and special treatments that actually work
the divine massages that come with every service
the experiential menu that describes the unique services and nail treatment offerings
promotional events and services that keep each visit new and exciting
the close relationship that Dashing Diva has with the fashion and entertainment industries

Re-inventing the nail salon experience more than some clever marketing tagline, it’s the company’s commitment to the customers and the industry.

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